Übersetzungen Riede

As a state-certified translator, I work with the language pairs French-German and English-German. My authorisation for certified translations applies to translations into and out of the French language. I also offer you experienced proofreading for your German texts.

As is the case with most experienced translators, I have gained a high level of competence in various specialist fields.

My specialisations cover technical, construction engineering and legal translations.

My ability to rapidly and professionally research other fields of activity means that I can offer you my services in those fields as well.

Technical translations
French | English | German

“Stick the force cable in the force supplier for charging!” – Nonsensical sentences in operating instructions can make us laugh out loud, but incorrect translations are anything but funny for your company. You can rely on my specialist knowledge in the field of technical translation, in particular:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Tenders
  • Product descriptions and operating instructions
  • Logistics and transport, storage, handling
  • Traffic systems
  • Field service management
  • Technical documentation
  • Fire protection and fire-fighting technology
  • Workplace safety and quality assurance
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Are you looking for a technical translation from French or English for any fields that are not covered here? Please call me and tell me about your project.

Construction engineering translations
French | English | German

You first need to understand contracts, concepts, opinions and tender documents before you can translate them. Then country-typical differences also come into play, for instance, in descriptions: The first floor in Germany is not the same as the first floor in the USA.

Construction engineering translations have long been part of my specialist field, including:

  • Tunnel construction
  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Redesign and renaturation within the framework of construction projects
  • Road and rail construction, infrastructure
  • Environmental engineering, renewable energies

Part of my translation process in this field also includes comprehensive research about, for instance, the region, topography, historical development or regional processes.

Do you have an interesting job for me?

Legal translations
French | English | German

You not only need comprehensive linguistic knowledge for legal translations, you also need detailed knowledge of the respective legal systems. Serious legal consequences can occur through translation errors in legal texts. A professional translator is absolutely essential in the field of legal translations. I can offer you legally watertight translations of, for instance:

  • Contracts
  • Court documents
  • Certificates, diplomas, deeds
  • Inheritance documents

As a state-certified translator, I can also provide you with certified translations in French, for example, for the recognition of qualifications or for submission to consulates. Call me if you have any questions or an order, I will be happy to help.

An important aspect
of my work as a translator

You can expect strict compliance with deadlines and absolute confidentiality on my part, both for your inquiries and for confirmed orders. Find out more about me and my translation qualifications here:

Portrait photo: Daniela Berger-Riede