Why hire a professional?

Übersetzungen Riede

Translation is not a professional occupation that is protected by law in Germany. This means that anyone can call themselves a translator and offer their services as such. But, knowing a language does not mean knowing how to use it – a language has many facets.

Translation is not just based on language and grammar skills, it also needs profound understanding: Of the culture and mindset, historical development, differences in every-day life, different language-based images and styles. A professional translator guarantees that every aspect of a source text is translated into the target text so that nothing is left out or mistakes added. And this is only possible with in-depth training, long-term experience and continuous professional development.

Diplomas, state examinations and membership in a professional organisation are the signs of a qualified translator. A translator must be authorised for the applicable language if you need certified documents such as certificates, deeds or contracts translated. My portfolio includes this and other qualifications.

Machine translation instead of professional translation?

It sounds so easy: Enter your text and the translation will appear magically in any language you want.

Artificial intelligence can achieve a lot in the field of translation. And for personal use, DeepL or other machine translation systems are helpful: For basic text understanding, for holiday communication or private messages.

However, machine translation systems soon reach their limits when it comes to specialised and academic texts, literature, documents or technical documentation. Figures or speech, idioms, local expressions, specialist terminology and technical processes are often missing or incorrectly translated. At first glance, the translation appears to be good, and only a trained eye will see the discrepancies and errors – or, in the worst case, your business partner.

Translators think about the text, have a feel for whether there are discrepancies in the source text and take the context into consideration. As a translator, I am in direct contact with the author of the source text and my specialist knowledge means that I can spot inaccuracies. Research allows me to determine what is unclear so that your text is professionally and accurately translated into the target language. Artificial intelligence cannot do this. This is why you need to entrust your important specialist texts to a professional translator who thinks for themselves – like Übersetzungen Riede in Erfurt.

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