Übersetzungen Riede

How much does a translation cost?

I’ll change the question: How much is a translation worth? Or, in other words, how much damage would an unprofessional or incorrect translation cost you or your company? Inaccurate documentation, misleading descriptions or ambiguous instructions can cause major problems. Poor/inaccurate translations can lead to claims for damages or recourse claims, and not just in the legal sector.

Translation as an occupation is not legally protected in Germany and so anyone who can “speak English”
or has done a brief course can offer their services as a translator. In contrast, my work is based on years of experience, long periods of studying and living abroad, continuous professional development and meticulous, in-depth research. The foundation of my work comes from a comprehensive and deep understanding of the culture and mindset of people in French and English-speaking countries, my knowledge of special technical or structural features and my extensive familiarity with the languages involved.

If you choose me as the professional to do your translations, then I am relatively speaking inexpensive – in the sense of “I am worth every penny, and you will get a lot for your money”.

I am available at any time to provide a quote for your project and I look forward
to hearing from you by e-mail or telephone.