Specialist Translations

French | English | German

Professional translations are the key to successful communication with your foreign business partners. Experienced, professional translators:

  • Transfer your message into a foreign language without any misunderstandings
  • Maintain an overview of the full context (and meaning)
  • Understand the customs, practices and pitfalls inherent in both source and target language
  • Recognise any discrepancies in the source text
  • Acquire highly specialist knowledge


Your translation requests will be fulfilled by Übersetzungen Riede with a high level of professionalism, essential specialist knowledge and many years of experience. This is what I offer as a state-certified translator for the language pairs French-German and English-German. My office, where I work on jobs from Germany, Europe and across the world, is located near Erfurt and Gotha.

General translations, certified translations and specialist translations

While I translate numerous types of text from French and English, my primary specialisations have developed over the years within the technical, legal and construction engineering sectors. As I am certified for courts and notaries, I can also provide you with certified translations into and out of French.

I work with a network of experienced native speakers to offer you translations into other languages. Final proofreading of your German texts is also part of my services.

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Daniela Berger-Riede | State-certified translator for French (BDÜ)
Authorised translator of French for the courts and notaries of the Free State
of Thuringia, as licensed by the President of the Erfurt District Court.